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Pretty Poppies Vintage

Hi everyone!

This week I present you Pretty Poppies Vintage Shop.

Amy R. started on Etsy in 2015 and she is obsessed with the style and beauty of old stuff. She put her heart and soul into this shop.

Her favorite part about living vintage is the thrill of the chase. And she really try to recreate that experience online.

Her goal is that every piece can put a smile on every customer's face every time they walk by it.

Vintage 1950's Fujita Kutani Hand Painted Tea Set

Why an Etsy Shop?

Amy is very passionate about vintage stuff because her father was a picker. Amy and her brothers started on day trips with her father when they were very young.

She has a special memory when she was 3 about a trip they took to the dump. Amy and her brothers learned everything with their father about antiques, collectibles, furniture restoration, and above all, how to look for beauty in a pile of trash.

Her father always wanted his own shop but instead settled on bartering and trading from his garage. After he died Amy and her brothers were left with a garage full to the brim with stuff. They needed the space but they didn't want to just donate all those things. So, Amy started her shop as sort of a homage.

She love that instead of sitting in a dark garage these treasures are being re-homed to someone else who loves them.

What a great homage she is doing to her father, don't you think?

Why Pretty Poppies Vintage?

Amy works at an hospital and one night she was doing a shift on a patient watch trying to brainstorm names. Wizard of Oz was on. Her family always had a weird thing with talking like the wicked witch about the poppies, so the name of her store just fit with it.

What can you find at her Etsy Shop?

Vintage 1950's Fujita Kutani Hand Painted Tea Set

You can find any type of vintage goods. You can sift through the pages not knowing what's coming next. And that's the magic behind Pretty Poppies Vintage. Her shop is a mish mash of just about everything. Amy also tries to keep the prices low because she believes that part of buying and enjoying these pieces is knowing that a buyer don't have to spend a fortune to have something special at home.

Curious?! Now you have to take a look here.

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