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10 Great Romantic Gifts for Valentine's day!

Everyday is the day to show some love to your soulmate. But Valentine's Day is also a great day to be romantic.

Today I'm gonna give you some gift ideas to please your girlfriend/boyfriend.

Are you ready to make a surprise to someone special?

You hold the key to my heart bottle
This special message that he or she will always have at their side. It will absolutely bring a smile to their face and make they'll instantly feel loved. You can find it at EyMyMessage.

Custom leather keychain
theBLUEcoopDOOR can make a great keychain to go with your keys! Personalize it with the name or words of your choice. Super cute and thoughtful gift.

Reasons why I love you
This lovely keepsake gift is ideal to tell a loved one just how much they are loved. You can choose between 10, 20 or 30 personalised messages. What are you waithing for? Available at LittleHomeTreats.

Red & Black 'I Heart You' Exploding Gift Box 

Customise it with photos, memories, notes, poems etc in and around the box. Place a special keepsake or gift in the center box for safekeeping. This is a great alternative to a photo album and can be found at HunnyBunnyOz.

Love Sculpture Valentines Day Decoration

You are not gonna loose this classic! This miniature version of Robert Indiana's Love Sculpture in Philadelphia is the perfect addition to your Valentine's Day decorations or even a gift to give to that special someone. Have a look at Modified3D and find much more original gifts.

I f*cking love you    
The ultimate gift for loved ones with attitude. If you're a potty mouth, have a look at AtoZCandles and go for the uncensored!

I Love You Mug
A beautiful hidden message 'I Love you!' mug for the special people in your life. Find this gift message at TheLetterLoftUK. Lovely for many special occasions.

Personalized leather Wallet
 What do you think about a wallet with a couple portrait? ByBarva brings this original suggestion to you. Alll Mens Leather Wallet can be engraved and personalized with initials, coordinates, dates etc, on the inside. And any picture can be engraved on the front.

Love Hearts Tambourine
A handmade synthetic tambourine painted with indelible ink to show your love. You can have it simple or add two names to the design. You can buy it at FilomenaMehendi.

Valentines Beer Labels
Do you want some beer? Give the gift of his favorite brew personalized with these Valentine themed beer bottle labels. Perfect gift for the man in your life. PaprikaPaperie have several labels. Pick your favourite.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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